The Magic Ingredient to getting the Best Wedding Photos

A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.


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So, as your big day approaches, you might have been offered the option of a pre-wedding shoot – or as I call them, a Connection Session. Now, you might be cringing and thinking, “I hate having my photo taken, do we really need this extra thing on our wedding checklist?” Well, before you strike it off the list, let’s talk about why a pre-wedding shoot is like adding a sprinkle of magic dust to your wedding photos!

Getting Acquainted with the Camera

Raise your hand if you’ve either never had your photo taken professionally before, or you’ve ever felt a tad uncomfortable in front of a professional camera. Trust me, you are not alone! This is where the magic of a pre-wedding shoot comes in. It’s like a warm-up session for your wedding day. You get to know your photographer better, chat, share laughs, and guess what? You’ll realise that camera is just another friendly face in the crowd. By the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll just welcome me in and you won’t even think about having your photo taken!

A Glimpse into Your Love Story

Picture this: you and your partner spending quality time together, just soaking in each other’s presence. A pre-wedding shoot is like hitting the pause button on the wedding planning chaos and stepping into a moment that’s all about your love story. It’s a chance for you to reconnect and for me, sorry your photographer(!), to capture your connection in a way that’s authentic and beautiful.

Building a Trustworthy Relationship

Your wedding photographer is not just another supplier dropping of the goods, they are there with you all day – a storyteller weaving all of your precious memories and emotions into individual frames… A pre-wedding shoot is a golden opportunity to connect with your photographer and build trust. When you’re comfortable around them, your poses become natural, your smiles are genuine, and your images radiate authenticity. This trust extends to the wedding day, allowing me to capture an honest record of your day that reflects the heart of your relationship.

Practice Makes Perfect

Think of your pre-wedding shoot as a rehearsal. It’s like trying on the outfit before the grand performance. You’ll get a feel for how I work, what to expect, how to move, and what photos you like the best. It’s all about creating a comfort zone that sets the stage for epic shots on your wedding day. No more wondering if you’re going to be made to feel awkward! After your session you’ll know that trusting me and being honestly you, makes magic!

Enhanced Wedding Photography

Ever wonder how those candid shots look so effortlessly natural? Well, it’s all about familiarity. During a pre-wedding shoot, you become at ease with the camera, and then I become part of your story. You then welcome me into your day and your guests all pick up on this and welcome me in too, which makes your wedding day photos even more spectacular. All those candid, in-between moments? They become pure magic, as you’re simply being yourselves, lost in each other and the celebration and I get to capture all the gold!

The Bottom Line – It’s Priceless

I totally get it. Weddings can be a whirlwind of decisions and costs. But here’s the thing – a pre-wedding shoot isn’t just about the photos. It’s about creating memories, building connections, and easing your way into the wedding day spotlight. And guess what? A lot of us photographers, including me, offer it as a sweet bonus in your wedding package, because we know how valuable it and and… Because your story before your wedding matters too. It’s not just about capturing beautiful moments; it’s about capturing your journey together to this point… Your laughter, your love.

So, when if someone (maybe even me!) mentions a pre-wedding shoot – or Connection Session – don’t think of it as just another task. Think of it as a ticket to unlock the magic between you. Embrace it as a chance to record this chapter of your journey so far, but most importantly to add a massive dose of magic to your wedding photos!

If you’re getting married and would love real, honest, emotive and unposed wedding photography, get in touch, I would love to hear from you!


A FREE black and white photobooth picture of a woman laying in bed.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in the dark.


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