Two people standing on top of a hill with the sun setting behind them.

What to Wear for Your Adventure Connection Session


Wedding couple posing on beach rocks at sunset.


Hey there, lovelies! So you have a connection session booked in and you’re wondering what to wear?

Well, I’m here to look after you and my aim is to ensure that you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to embrace this special time together. So, let’s dive into some handy tips for outfit choices…

Comfort is Key
To capture those genuine expressions and relaxed poses, you’ve got to feel good in your clothes. So, go for outfits that you feel comfortable in, let you move freely and make you feel totally at ease during our session.

No Matchy Matchy!
Harmonising is good, but without going for that overly coordinated look. I love outfits that complement each other, with colours and styles that reflect your personalities while still creating a cohesive vibe.

Crazy Colours & Bold Branding…
Avoid big bold logos as they will draw the eye and think about colours that compliment your chosen location… Oranges are amazing with the teals of the sea and light neutral colours stand out against the greens of the moorlands and forests and create a visually pleasing harmony in your photos that draws the viewer to you in the frame.

Be Location-Ready!
Remember to think about where we’ll be during our adventure connection session. Soft colours and natural tones work wonders in nature, while urban settings are perfect for modern and stylish looks.

Dress Smart for the Weather
Whether it’s warm or chilly, I want you to be comfortable. Light, breathable fabrics for sunny days and layered outfits for cooler moments can add a lot of depth to your photos. Nature can surprise us, so be ready for anything!

Texture for Fun
Let’s play with textures! Think about denim, lace, or knitwear – they can really add that extra dimension to your images.

Embrace the Breeze!!
Don’t be afraid of the wind! Choosing clothes with movement that will dance in the breeze can bring so much life and beautiful shapes to your photos and really draw the eye.


Two pictures of a couple hugging in front of the ocean.


Footwear Matters
Comfortable shoes are a must! If we’re hiking, go for hiking boots… Often sessions are off the beaten track on the moor or a pebbly beach – if the terrain is uneven, shoes with great traction are always a safe bet. Wellies and walking boots always look great with any outfit – wedding dresses included!!

Dress the Story
Our outfits should match the mood of our adventure session. Whether it’s a romantic picnic or a playful beach stroll, I’m all for making our attire enhance the whole experience.

And remember, above all:

Your Comfort Comes First
What you wear should make you feel amazing and confident. Be yourself and rock whatever makes you shine.

Less is More
During our session, let’s keep it simple. If possible, leave bags and phones behind, you want your hands free to hold each other.

Be True to You
Remember, it’s all about your personality shining through. Wear what feels right for you and reflects your incredible self.

Your Session, Your Rules
This guide is packed with helpful tips, but there’s no strict playbook. Let your unique style and love story guide your choices. This is your time to create your own unique memories.

I’m Here for You
If you’ve got questions or need more advice, don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s have a blast and treasure every moment!

And if you’d like to book your own Couples Adventure Connection Session, I would love to hear from you!


A couple standing on top of a hill at sunset.
A couple standing on top of a hill at sunset.
A couple sits on a fallen tree during their engagement session.
A couple sitting on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean.
A couple standing on top of a hill at sunset.
A black and white photo of a couple hugging in front of the ocean.


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