A brown leather journal with a ribbon tied around it.

How many photos should I choose for my Wedding Album?

Selecting the best photos for your Wedding album can feel a bit daunting when you have so many beautiful images to choose from! It’s something that you don’t want to rush, so you can take the time to select a series of photographs that tell the story of your day as you turn the pages of your album.

But how many photographs should I choose?

There are a few factors that influence the number of photographs you choose – the first is the size of your album.  Wedding albums come in lots of different sizes and you can also usually add lots more pages to the base album too, so you aren’t restricted on choice. On average, a wedding album has between 20-40 pages, with around 2-5 photographs per page.

The design of your album is also incredibly important, cramming too many images on your pages will make the photographs appear very small and they will lose their impact. Your photographer may offer a design service for you – they will be experienced in organising and sizing the right images to best tell the story of your day.

You will usually start with a base album, this may be 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12 inches with the minimum 10 spreads.


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What does “spread” mean in a wedding album?

A spread is 2 pages beside each other as you look at your album. So an album with 10 Spreads will have 20 pages.

A guide to choosing photographs for your Wedding Album

You can tell the story of an all-day wedding beautifully in around 75-100 photographs. Here is a rough guide for selecting the number of images, in relation to the number of spreads/pages in a Lay-Flat Wedding Album.

A table showing the number of pages and the number of photos.

*Adding extra spreads to your album can incur additional costs.

Is the number of photographs or spreads/pages limited?

Yes, there is a limit on the number of spreads that can be included into an album which will the number of images you can choose. The spread limit will depend per album, but is often around 40/50 spreads.


A stack of books on a table next to a plant.


There are many album options available, the albums that I offer have been carefully selected for their quality and for designs that beautifully display your wedding stories with tactile cover options.

If you would love a Wedding Album that is a little different, one of my personal favourites is the beautifully romantic Cotton-Rag Journal Art Book, with beautifully hand-torn pages of cotton rag fine art prints, enveloped in a gold embossed, soft leather-wrap cover, with a rustic leather ribbon closure


A brown leather journal with a ribbon tied around it.
Four pictures of a wedding album with a brown ribbon.

When it comes to designing your Wedding Album, I’m always on hand to help and guide you. having grown up in the world of print, creating a beautiful book of your photographs is a part of the process I love, so pop me a message with any questions! [email protected]


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