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The Magic of Light in Wedding Photography

Hey there, lovelies!

When it comes to wedding photography, working with the light is the key to capturing incredible photos on your big day. So, let’s dive into some important elements to consider when planning your wedding, and how we can work together to make sure your photos shine!

Sunny Days – It’s Not Always Ideal!

You might think that sunny days are perfect for photography, but here’s a little secret—it’s a common myth! Harsh sunlight can actually create unwanted shadows and unflattering skin tones. People end up squinting or reaching for their sunglasses. Don’t worry, though; I’ve got you covered. I can still take great portraits during sunny hours, but I’ll be working harder to find the perfect balance between sun and shade.

Cloudy Days – The Dream Scenario!

Guess what? Clouds are like a big soft light diffuser – perfect for outdoor weddings! They eliminate unwanted shadows on faces and add a beautiful glow to everything. Storm clouds even bring drama and mood to your photos, and yes, rain can lead to some fun and creative shots too. So, no need to fret about the weather; we’ll make the best of every situation!

Dealing with Tricky Lighting

For outdoor weddings, it’s a great idea to discuss the timing with me. I can help you find the best position to stand against the sun or locate the perfect shaded areas. Sunset is a great time to escape for some you time and some couples photos – it’s when the light has a magical quality that we can use to create captivating shots.

Reception Lighting Ideas

Now, let’s talk about reception lighting. It’s often overlooked, but it can significantly impact the mood and ambiance of your photos. Some lights are trickier to work with, like fluorescent and coloured LED lights, which don’t translate well into photos. There are ways that we can work around this lighting to record the essence of your celebration, without compromising on the mood you have chosen. But do consider any coloured lights and how they will effect your skin tones in your photographs.

If you’re having a backyard or private property wedding, it’s great to have plenty of lights to keep your guests shining brightly. Festoon lights are great and super pretty in your photographs.

Any Questions? Let’s Chat!

Remember, you can always reach out to me with any questions, thoughts, or concerns about lighting on your big day. 

Working together with your photographer will ensure you get the absolute best images, capturing all the love, joy, and emotion of your wedding.


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