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A Guide to Planning your Dream Wedding or Elopement

Hey there, lovely souls!

First things first, a massive congratulations on your engagement! You’ve found each other, and now it’s time to dive into planning the wedding of your dreams – one that captures the heart and soul of your unique love story ♡ Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate wedding surrounded by your nearest and dearest or envisioning a romantic elopement in the mesmerising landscapes of the UK, let me guide you through some steps to craft your perfect celebration.

1. Embrace the Magic of Intimate Weddings

Picture this: an intimate gathering where warmth and love fill the air. Intimate weddings create an atmosphere that focuses on what truly matters – your love story and sharing the joy with those who hold a special place in your hearts.

2. Discover Enchanting UK Elopement Destinations

The UK is a treasure trove of enchanting destinations perfect for elopements. From the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands to the dreamy moorlands of Devon and the breathtaking coastlines of Cornwall, each region offers its own unique charm. Choose a spot that resonates with your hearts and sets the stage for an elopement that’s as unforgettable as your love.

3. Find Your Dream Location or Venue

With intimate weddings, you have the freedom to choose charming and unique venues that might not fit larger gatherings. Think about picturesque country houses, adorable cottages, or those charming boutique potting sheds that can turn your intimate celebration into something extraordinary. And don’t forget the allure of a backyard wedding, atop a rugged tor on stunning Dartmoor, or maybe barefoot on the beach with the sand between your toes… the possibilities are as vast as your imagination 

4. Personalise Your Vows

One of the sweetest things about intimate weddings and elopements? The chance to personalise your vows and ceremony in a deeply meaningful way. Speak from your hearts, let your promises flow, and let your love shine brighter, it’s a beautiful way to make your wedding day truly personal and will add a touch of magic to any ceremony.

5. Let Your Love Story Shine

Infuse your unique style into every aspect of your wedding – from the decor and outfits to the music and cuisine. Your wedding is a celebration of your journey together, so make it a genuine reflection of your love story.

6. Preserve the Magic!

Capturing the enchantment of your intimate wedding or elopement is an absolute must. That’s where I, Louise May, come in! I’m not just any wedding photographer – I’m here to beautifully document your love story against the stunning backdrop of the UK landscapes. Find a photographer whose style resonates with your vision, and remember to book in advance to secure your date.

7. Treasure Every Moment

When the big day arrives, take a moment to truly soak it all in. Embrace the coziness, the happiness, and the love that surrounds you. Let your hearts overflow with joy, and be fully present in every precious second.

Your wedding day is all about celebrating love and weaving beautiful memories. Embrace the intimacy of close-knit celebrations, choose a place that speaks to your hearts, and find a venue that sets the stage for your extraordinary love story. Pen heartfelt vows, whether just the two of you or with your closest and dearest people, your day will be truly yours. 

This guide is your companion to crafting a wedding day that’s authentically YOU – a day that will forever hold a special place in your hearts. And If you’re on the lookout for a little extra magic to make this journey even more unforgettable, take a look at The Wild & Free I created this little offshoot to my wedding photography business to help couples like you craft the most amazing elopement experiences.

At The Wild & Free, I’m all about turning your dreams into reality. Specialising in weaving together intimate weddings and wild elopements that are as unique as your love story itself. From the nitty-gritty details to the breathtaking moments, we’ve got it all covered. With our support, you can focus on what truly matters – your love story coming to life in the most enchanting way imaginable.

Here’s to a wedding day that’s as extraordinary as your love!

Louise x


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