Friend or Photographer…?

A wedding couple strolling through a snowy archway.


Hey lovelies! So, you’re gearing up for the big day, and the excitement is palpable. You’re prepping for the flowers, the cake, the dancing – and, of course, the photos that will capture every magical moment. Now, we get it – your cousin Joey might have a fancy camera and a knack for snapping pics at family gatherings, but before you hand over the camera reins to him for your wedding, let’s have a little chat about why that might not be the best plan…

1. Wedding Wizardry Takes Skill

Sure, Joey’s Instagram game might be strong, but wedding photography? It’s a whole different ballgame. Think lighting, composition, timing – it’s like a symphony, and professional photographers have mastered each note. Wedding photographers have got that sixth sense for capturing fleeting moments, turning them into art. Your family friend might not have that same wizardry up their sleeve.

2. Friend vs. Photographer

Imagine Joey at the wedding – camera in hand, squinting at the LCD screen, figuring out shots. Sounds fun, right? Not really. Joey’s your family friend, and you want him to have a blast dancing and laughing with you, not juggling photography duties. Plus, your other guests might be a tad shy around the camera when they know the cameraman’s a pal.

3. Heart vs. Head

Emotion and weddings go hand in hand. That’s awesome, but it can be a double-edged sword. Your family friend might get swept up in the feels and forget they’re supposed to be taking pro shots. Tears in eyes – check. Blurry photos – oops.

4. The Gear Dilemma

Remember those jaw-dropping professional wedding photos you’ve been gushing over on Pinterest? Well, they’re often the result of high-end equipment and backup plans in case of technical glitches. Joey might have a camera, but does he have the gear to handle low light in a dark church or barn, the action shots as your fur baby delivers your rings, or even backups if things go south?

5. The Awkward Factor

Imagine Joey trying to wrangle your rowdy wedding party for that perfect shot. It could feel like herding cats. Or get that perfect moment between just the two of you, in the perfect spot, using the best light… A professional photographer knows how to balance fun and direction, so your photos don’t end up looking like a chaotic mess.

6. The Post-Production Puzzle

You know those stunning wedding photos with the magical glow? A big part of that happens after the wedding. Pros not only invest a lot in the gear, but also the software required to apply their own unique edit and work their magic in post-processing to make your images truly shine. Joey might not be a Photoshop whiz, and your photos could miss that enchanting touch.

7. Blink and You Miss It

Remember that surprise kiss under the twinkling stars? What about your grandma’s teary-eyed smile? These are the magical candid moments that happen when no one’s looking. A professional photographer has the ninja skills to capture these gems. Joey might not be ready for those surprise snapshots.

8. The Trusty Contract

When you hire a pro, you get a contract that spells out what’s what. There’s a solid commitment, a clear roadmap, and a guarantee of what you’ll get. With Joey, it’s more of a handshake deal, and that could lead to some awkward conversations if things don’t turn out as expected. Not to mention proper insurance…


I totally get it – saving a buck is tempting. But here’s the deal: your wedding photos are like time capsules. They capture once in a lifetime emotions, stories, and moments that you’ll treasure forever. Opting for a professional photographer means you’re investing in those memories, making sure they’re captured in all their stunning glory. Joey might be great at many things, but this isn’t one to wing. There are lots of ways you can prioritise and save a little money, or pay for your photographer over time, so you can hire the pros to work their magic, deliver the shots you fell in love with and Joey can dance the night away with you and all your other favourite people!


Wedding couple posed elegantly under a beautifully lit tree for their photographs.


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