Wedding photographs of a bride and groom sitting on steps in front of a brick building.


Wedding photographs of a bride and groom hugging in an orchard.


What does an elopement mean to you?

Something couples run off and do secretly? Adventure in a faraway land…

There are so many myths surrounding elopements and I’m here to help explain what eloping really means for couples and why they’re such an awesome alternative to having a big wedding.


The elopement myths…

MYTH NUMBER 1: Defining an elopement – https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/read-this-before-you-elope

So what is the actual definition of an elopement? Elopement | Elope | VERB | run away secretly in order to get married. HOWEVER I’m here to give you a different perspective…

Elopements are NO longer viewed this way!

Elopements aren’t about secrecy, they don’t have to just be the two of you. And you don’t have to run away to another country – or even Gretna Green!

It’s about having exactly the day that you want. Bringing the focus of your wedding day back to you two without your day being the stress inducing performance or a production of a traditional/stereotypical wedding.

It’s about creating the best day for the two of you from start to finish with or without guests.



MYTH NUMBER 2: Elopements only need a couple of hours coverage.

Its not a 15 minute ceremony with the registrar whilst I rattle off a few quick frames.

Your Wedding day is your Wedding DAY and you deserve way to have your whole story told, from beginning to end.

Your plans may be a little different but your experience of getting married will still last your whole day more than just your vows and a few portraits after.

It’s a chance to capture the essence of you as a couple. I love asking couples who elope with me what their perfect day looks like? If you’re having a late afternoon ceremony, then how would you spend your morning? Will you get ready together, will you go for a quiet walk…? There’s so much to capturing your full story like a first look, your ceremony, beautiful portraits in the landscape, a champagne picnic amongst the heather or on the beach…

Here’s an example timeline… but this could be anything you can dream.

10am: Go for a walk along the beach, or maybe a bit of a surf. Documented candidly and relaxed

12/ 1pm: Have some lunch, maybe find a beach cafe and catch up with your guests.

3/3:30 pm: Help each other get ready….

5pm: Head to your location

5.30: Make your vows to each other.

6pm (around sunset): Now is a great time to have some photos as the light will be low. You might want to have some group photos too if you have family and guests.

7pm: Time to eat and celebrate… Maybe a picnic, or a cosy restaurant, or a private chef at your luxury AirBnB by the log fire.


MYTH NUMBER 3: Elopements are for adventurous couples only.

You can plan your elopement to be anywhere, doing anything that you love.

You don’t have to hike up a mountain or to secluded beach to say your vows.

You could get married in the woods, on the moor, by the river or even in your back garden. That’s the beauty of elopements – your day is completely tailored to you –  urban romantic city vibe and find a quiet spot on a roof top with a view, or a park. The beauty of there is no right or wrong.


MYTH NUMBER 4: You don’t have any guests at an elopement

There is no set number or rules to who you can have at your elopement.

You could choose for it to be just the two of you or ou could have your close family and friends. One of the best things about choosing to elope is you don’t fall into the trap of feeling obliged to invite every aunt, uncle or cousin that you haven’t spoken to in years. It’s about doing things your way.


MYTH NUMBER 5: Elopements are about saving money

Elopements aren’t about being a low budget option. Yes, you might cut costs down by not catering for hundreds of guests, but the money saved on a big wedding could go towards an epic location and honeymoon. It’s not about saving money, but about investing your money in having the most amazing day doing all of the things you love and with those who you want to be a part of your day.


MYTH NUMBER 6: Elopements are egotistical

Getting married is all about you! Is it not egotistical to not want a big weddings, when all your family and friends think you should? Wedding days are about committing your lives to each other and making promises to one another. A Wedding day is about what it means, not who you invite, how many guests you had, or whether or not you had a champagne fountain. It’s about being authentic. Plan your wedding for you and not to please others.


MYTH NUMBER 7: Elopements don’t need a lot of planning

Yes, planning an elopement give you endless choices and flexibility, you’re not tied to a venues availability, recommended suppliers, or general way of doing things.


BUT If anything, elopements require even more careful planning than a wedding. Picking the perfect location, time of year, scheduling your day, finding the best accommodation, travel arrangements and vendors all need to be carefully thought out, just as a wedding day does. Which is why I created The Wild & Free, to help couples create the Intimate wedding or Wild Elopements of their dreams…


So we’ve unravelled some of the myths surrounding elopements, here’s why I think it could be the perfect option for you…

Does the thought of a big wedding scare you? Standing up in front of all those people, making vows to each that aren’t written just for you, or even remotely personal.

Do you want to have an adventurous or unique wedding? You only have one wedding day and imagine spending your day completely focused on doing something you both love, maybe that involves hiking, or a BBQ in your back garden, or being surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Do you want your wedding day to be intimate? Eloping is the perfect choice if you’re wanting to really be in the moment . Your wedding day should mean you are together all day, not separated by having to make constant small talk with all your guests. It’s your special day and deserves to be intimate.

If you’re thinking about planning an elopement and don’t know where to start, I would LOVE to hear your ideas and help you plan your dream day.. GET IN TOUCH


Two pictures of a bride and groom at their wedding ceremony.
A couple in wedding photographs sitting on a stone wall.
A bride and groom sitting on steps in front of a building.


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