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How to Get the Best Wedding Photos!

Hey there, lovebirds!

You have hand picked all of your suppliers, and created your perfect vision for your wedding day. Your wedding photos need to capture the essence of your so you can relive your amazing celebration over and over again! So, to ensure you get the absolute best photos that truly capture the heart of your love story, I’ve got some awesome tips for you…

Conversation and Connection!

First things first, let’s chat! Open and honest communication with your photographer is the key to making your photos shine. Share your vision, any specific shots you want, and let them know what matters most to you. Trust me, we love hearing your love story!

I love getting to know my couples and finding out who and what is important to them and I have a series of questionnaires, to ensure that I know every detail of your day! 

Pre-Wedding Fun!

Consider having a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. It’s like a practice run for the big day! You’ll get comfortable in front of the camera, and you’ll also get to know your photographer better. It’s all about feeling at ease and having fun!

I include a complimentary connection shoot with my all day coverage so that we can get to know each other better and you get some fab photos too!

Time to Breathe!

So many couples say they can’t believe how quick their day has gone. My advice when we’re planning is slow down, take your time… Don’t rush down the aisle, don’t race through your confetti line, take it slowly, pause for a kiss and plan for plenty of time for you. Don’t think of your couples photos as being taken away for a shoot, think of this time as a moment to catch your breath, be together and reflect on your day so far and trust your photographer to record this special time for you. You bring the vibe to your wedding, if you’re relaxed, everyone else is relaxed and that means relaxed and beautiful shots!

The “First Look” Magic

Ready for some heart-melting magic? Consider a private “first look” between the two of you… Seeing each other before the ceremony is not only incredibly emotional, but it also allows for some intimate time together without any distractions, before being swept along in your day, and you’ll get some beautiful photos too.

Trust Your Photographer:

This. Is. Everything! Remember, you’ve picked your photographer for a reason – because they’re awesome! So trust their skills and expertise. Listen to their advice and let them guide you through the day. The result? Stunning photos that perfectly capture your love!

Capture the Whole Story

Some of my favourite photos have been moments during prep between family and friends, or late at night on the dance floor, and can often be missed if you choose to have photography coverage from your ceremony to your first dance. Consider going for all day coverage so that nothing is missed!

Light It Up!

Light is the No.1 thing for your photos! Talk to your photographer for tips on how to plan for the light on your wedding day, little things like sitting in front of the largest window for your hair and makeup make all the difference to your photos! 

Clear the Clutter!

A lot of documentary photographer won’t change the scene in front of them, even if that includes a bright yellow Ikea bag and the discarded undies on the floor!! Give someone the job of keeping the space where you’re getting ready tidy so you don’t have it all in your photos!

Love Surrounds…

Let the love in! Surround yourself with your favourite people – it’s the perfect recipe for genuine smiles and heartwarming moments. Having the best time with your most special people is the best way for your joy and happiness to shine through in your photos.

Be Present in the Moment

Amidst all the excitement, take a moment to be present with your partner. Embrace the love and joy of the day, and let it radiate in your photos. The authentic moments between the two of you will be the heart of your album…

Ultimately, getting the best wedding photos is all about embracing the love and magic of your day. By communicating openly with your photographer, planning for relaxed moments, and trusting their expertise, you’ll create a beautiful experience that reflects your love story.

So take a deep breath, soak up every moment, and let your love shine through in every frame. Here’s to your happy wedding day and a lifetime of love!


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